Heating Method
Thorough Analysis of Jet-Propelled Heat!

[Heating Method] Thorough Analysis of Jet-Propelled Heat!

Jet-Propelled Heat to Enable High-Speed Cooking

The Jet Oven is an oven that cooks by pressurizing heated air and propelling it as high-speed jets onto food items for the perfect flame-broiled color. Multiple devices called "finger nozzles" propel jets of heated air from above and below to heat foods by hitting their surfaces directly.

Jet-Propelled Heat to Enable High-Speed Cooking
Jet-Propelled Heat to Enable High-Speed Cooking

A convection oven cooks by the convection of hot air inside the oven and this creates something called the "boundary layer," a low-temperature area on the surface of the food items being cooked. With jet-propelled heat, however, powerful heated air blows away this boundary layer to convey heat directly to the food. Thanks to this, it is possible to heat foods and produce a flame-broiled color about two to four times faster (heating time of half to a quarter) than with a convection oven. The jets of heated air also blow away any excess moisture from the surface of the foods and the inside of the oven, thereby creating a crispy cooking finish.*

*A steam option can be provided to prevent foods from drying out. This works by cooking with heated air that contains moisture.

finger nozzles
The protrusions propelling jets of hot air onto these pizzas from above are the finger nozzles.

Conveyor-Style Heating for Speed, Uniformity, and High Quantities

The Jet Oven heats foods by moving them along a conveyor between jets of highly heated air that are propelled from above and below. This enables foods to be fed into the oven continuously, producing even heating with a uniform, flame-broiled color, in a short time with no unevenness. Of course, the finished items can be cooked to perfectly match customer requirements. The temperature within the oven can be set at increments of 1℃ to a maximum of 350℃, realizing precise control thanks to an inbuilt microcomputer. Cooking times can also be set at increments of one second and jet airflow can be adjusted to three levels.

Touch panel controls
Touch panel controls
Twin conveyors
Twin conveyors

We can also provide twin conveyor models to enable a wide range of cooking scenarios in the space occupied by just one oven. In these, the conveyor is divided in two to enable the setting of different cooking times (conveyor speeds) on each half. Provided the cooking temperature is the same, this enables the cooking of two types of dish simultaneously.

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