high-quantity cooking for a wide range of foods

This Innovative Cooking Equipment is a fujimak First!
The Jet Oven

This Innovative Cooking Equipment is a fujimak First! The Jet Oven

A Byword for Conveyor-Style Ovens
that Enables High-Speed Cooking

Realizing Speed, Flavor,
and Superior Cooked Color

The Jet Oven is a revolutionary cooking equipment, in which air is heated, pressurized, and propelled directly onto foods from above and below, heating them as they move along a conveyor. Based on patented technology, fujimak delivered a mass-produced product that was a first for the food service industry in Japan.

By blowing powerful heated air over the food, it is possible to complete the cooking process quickly and without allowing flavor to escape. Foods are transported along a conveyor while hot air is propelled toward them from above and below, and this also provides a uniform cooked color. With the arrival of the Jet Oven, it became possible to drastically shorten cooking times.

─ The Origin of Home Delivery Meal Culture ─ Making the Pizza Delivery Business Model a Possibility

After taking an order over the phone, toppings are placed on the dough and they are cooked at high speed. The authentic, freshly baked pizza is then delivered to the customer's home within 30 minutes... The pizza delivery business model appeared in the restaurant industry in the 1980s and became established as a new business category. What made this possible in Japan was the arrival of the Jet Oven, as developed by fujimak. The Jet Oven enabled a large pizza of over 30 cm in diameter to be cooked in a short space of time, to a uniform color, while maintaining its shape, and with a crispy texture. It was employed by the major players in the pizza delivery business to create a new trend in fast food for Japan: that of ordering a pizza from your home to spend an enjoyable time with family and friends.

Making the Pizza Delivery Business Model a Possibility

─ Track Record ─ Fujimak Products Are Employed in a Wide Variety of Industries
20,000 Units Sold

More than 30 years have passed since the Jet Oven was launched. During that time, fujimak has delivered over 20,000 units. From egg dishes that require a soft cooking finish to fish dishes that emphasize their grilled appearance, our customers are expanding the range of dishes that are cooked in the Jet Oven at their restaurants, facilities, and factories. Based on the Jet Oven's ability to cook food items quickly, uniformly, and in large quantities, it is being introduced as a secret weapon for undertaking high-efficiency, high-quality cooking, not just in restaurants but at facilities for mass production, such as food factories, factories producing deli items, and school lunch facilities.

Over time, we have worked on improvements while asking customers for their feedback, and as well as the Standard Series, we have an extensive lineup that includes the Compact Series, which can be installed in small-scale restaurant kitchens, the Long Series for food factories and school lunch facilities, and the specialist Jet Oven for Pizzas. In order to respond to a diversity of cooking and facility needs, the heat source can be either electric or gas.

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