Island Kitchen

This is a system kitchen with integrated cooking appliances and a flat top panel with no gaps, making it extremely easy to work with and clean.
The kitchen is completed with a smoothing black stainless steel finish.

Island Kitchen

Introducing Fujimak's original island kitchen,
based on a French restaurant and
incorporating a Chinese wok Range.

1. Cabinet


Around the island set up a bar.
They are useful for hanging towels and tongs, preventing burns, and using the bar and table for temporary dish storage. The stove knobs are machined and blasted aluminum.
The stainless steel cupboard handles are made of machined square bar (SUS).

2. Induction cooker

Induction cooker

A 5kW Induction cooker is installed vertically in a triple row.
There is one control panel on one side and two on the other.

3. French Top Table

French Top Table

Gas powered French top range.
The flat design with the deck allows smooth sliding of the pot. The match lit ignition type.

4. Chinese wok Range

Gas OvenGas Oven

Gas-powered Chinese wok range.
The handle is designed to be dropped in lower than usual so that the height of the handle will not be high when the pot is placed on it.
The close proximity of the faucet makes it easy to supply water and clean the wok.

5. Gas range

Gas range

The stylish design with the pentode made of stainless steel square rods.
The pot and pans can be moved smoothly because of the flat surface of the pentode and top panel.

※Useable pot bottom up to a maximum of 28cm in diameter

6. Gas Oven

Gas OvenGas Oven

7. Gas Griddle

Gas Griddle

The groove between the griddle's steel plate and the deck plate is 40mm free, and the groove area is designed for easy cleaning.

8. Stack


The oven and French top range burner exhausts are centrally vented.

9. Water faucet

Water faucet

Two faucets are installed on the island.
It is convenient for supplying water to pots and pans at any time during cooking.

10. Dishwarmer Table

Dishwarmer Table

The warmer chamber is equipped with LED lamps to improve visibility.

11. Electric salamander

Electric salamander

The electric salamander is rotatable so that it can be used from anywhere on both sides.
The base of the trestle columns (contact points with the deck) are R-shaped to improve cleanability, and the gaps are filled to prevent the accumulation of dust.

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