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A fusion of technology and analog. "Vario" realizes the ideal culinary experience.


Restaurant "Nabeno-Ism" was founded in Komagata, Asakusa, Tokyo by Chef Yuichiro Watanabe, former Executive Chef of "Joël Robuchon," a Michelin 3-star restaurant. Nabeno-Ism opened in July 2016, with Fujimak's extensive involvement in the creation of the kitchen at the request of the chef.

Published in “Cuisine Kingdom” August 2015 issue
Photograph by Yoshiko Yoda, “Cuisine Kingdom”

A compact and functional kitchen layout

The kitchen features a compact and functional layout with an island counter and suspended ceiling storage in the center, as well as cooking appliances and work counters lining the four walls. All work counters are made of seamless white natural granite. The floor is tiled, with all equipment raised 100 mm above it. This height was designed to ensure sanitation by isolating waste and water puddles and to provide a fatigue-free working posture for the cook.

Most of the cooking equipment is made by Fujimak, including the gas French range, induction heating (IH) stove, Vario Cooking Center (112PB), salamander, gas stove/range, combi oven, vacuum packaging machine, cooling equipment, and storage shelves.

Vario Cooking Center,
an important tool in expansion of the chef's image of cooking

VCC grilling:
The menu leverages the advantages of the Vario Cooking Center. By setting the Vario to 230°C and tilting the pan 10°, the "VCC Grilled Foie Gras" setting will cook foie gras to perfection while removing the fat. Using the "VCC Grilled Japanese Beef Fillet" setting on the same menu naming as foie gras, this method is also used to cook the Wagyu beef that is served to customers.

Combi oven, a key cooking appliance for food prep:
Vacuum-packed herb pork loin from Iwate Prefecture is heated by steam at 62 °C for 1 hour. After cooking at a low temperature in the combi oven, the pork is grilled over ubame oak charcoal.

Chef Watanabe commented on introducing the Vario Cooking Center, saying, "I'd been curious about this appliance for a long time. When someone uses innovative cooking equipment, spread the acclaimed, and new cooking innovations emerge by options expand. It's still a trial-and-error process, but I can envision limitless possibilities. I really appreciate how the pan's bottom is evenly heated. It also browns quickly. I think it might allow us to reduce our staff overhead by a couple people.

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A French restaurant housed in a 4-story building, 5 minutes from Asakusa and Kuramae subway stations.
Address 2-1-17 Komagata, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Phone 03-5246-4056
12pm to 3pm (last entry at 1pm)
6pm to 10pm (last entry at 7:30pm)
Closed Mondays, other irregular holidays (please contact for information)
Capacity 30 seats
Website http://nabeno-ism.tokyo/