Example CustomerAFURI KARAKURENAI in Shinjuku Subnade

A leading ramen restaurant that constant pursuit of functionality to realize flavor.

AFURI KARAKURENAI in Shinjuku Subnade

Fujimak handleless refrigerators play an important role in a simply appointed open kitchen.

On September 20, 2019, KARAKURENAI, a new concept from Ramen AFURI, was opened in Shinjuku following opened in Ikebukuro. Fujimak refrigerators, named one of the top 100 in the 2018 Good Design Awards, were installed alongside cold tables (refrigerators with worktops) in the open kitchen that looks the café-motif restaurant.

Restaurant features a stylish open kitchen, popular female ramen enthusiasts

Opposite the counter seating area is the open kitchen, composed entirely of stainless steel. The back wall is lined with tall refrigerators, while cold tables, which double as worktops, are configured into three islands. The concept for the restaurant's interior was developed by company president Nakamura and company members, features simple, flat, handleless Fujimak designs that perfectly complement the carefully selected interior.

The name "AFURI" came from Mount Ooyama (also known as Mt. Afuri), which is located in Kanagawa Prefecture at the eastern end of the Tanzawa mountain range. The soup was named "AFURI" because it is made with pure natural water that springs from the foot of Mt. Afuri. The restaurant operates its central kitchen at the foot of Mt. Afuri, pursuing the best flavors in its soup by generously adding domestic whole chicken, seafood, and aromatic vegetables to this natural water.

Interior design features simple, flat refrigerators

Six-door refrigerator: the refrigerators' handleless design blends seamlessly with the kitchen interior and is easy to clean, making it easy to maintain the kitchen's aesthetic design. To categorize the food stored within, each door has a corresponding number. One of the advantages of having no handles is a kitchen that feels uncluttered.
Cold tables: the island's worktop refrigerators are also handleless to prevent hindering aisle movement.
AFURI (photo above and below): The first store opened in Ebisu 19 years ago; the current locations are as follows: Ebisu, Harajuku, Nakameguro, Azabu Juban, Roppongi Crossing, Roppongi Hills, Sangenjaya, Lumine Shinjuku, Shinjuku Subnade (kara kurenai), Ikebukuro (kara kurenai), JOINUS Yokohama, Yokohama Landmark Tower, Minami-machida Grandberry Park, TOMAMU, Metsa Village in Hanno, ZUND-BAR, Portland #1, Portland #2, Lisbon, Singapore, Vancouver, Silicon Valley, Hong Kong

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Showcasing Ramen AFURI's new concept, AFURI KARAKURENAI is the new restaurant in Shinjuku Subnade (an underground shopping center). Its signature menu item is "Yuzu Kara Kurenai Ramen," AFURI's renowned a deliciously spicy soup made by blending 'tori chintan' with several varieties of chili peppers and the aroma of yuzu (citrus fruit).
AFURI KARAKURENAI in Shinjuku Subnade
Address 1-2-2 Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Shinjuku Subnade 1-5
Phone 03-6384-2467
Mon-Sun 11:00 - 22:00 (last order 21:30)
Capacity 20 counter seats
Menu Example menu items:
Yuzu Kara Kurenai Ramen, Karakurenai Tsukemen, Yuzu Shiro Shoyu Ramen, Karakurenai's Bamboo Gohan
Website https://afuri.com/karakurenai/