Custom Made Teppanyaki Grill

Custom Made Teppanyaki Grill

Various types are available according to usage

The special feature of Teppanyaki Grills is that they are "specialized" for grilling steaks. fujimak's custom made Teppanyaki Grill has a degree of freedom in the placement and length of the heater, and the heating area can be set freely. We recommend it as a versatile cooking appliance that can be used in a wide range of ways, such as frying hamburgers, seafood, vegetables, and various other ingredients, grilling buns, and warming sauces.

By manufacturing stainless steel sheet metal around the iron plate, Heat conduction keeps the surroundings from getting hot.

The entire surface of the top plate is made of iron plate. Since it is flat, grooves are applied around the iron plate to prevent oil from flowing out.

─ fujimak custom made Teppanyaki Grill ─ Customized Case

Duct grill

It is a grill that incorporates a duct into the product body and incorporates an exhaust function so that it can be installed in stores that do not want to install an exhaust duct on the ceiling due to the design. The suction fan is a few meters away, so it's quiet. In addition, since the wind is sent by a silent fan motor, the noise to the audience is also taken into consideration. Built-in automatic fire extinguishing device, it is possible to extinguish the fire immediately in case of fire inside the duct.
It has been introduced in stores that provide face-to-face services, such as hotels.

Customized design

It is a tabletop grill that can be installed according to the size of the kitchen. The thickness of the iron plate can be changed according to the usage. (basic 19mm)
Due to the heat storage of the iron plate, the temperature drop will be less. You can choose between digital and analog temperature control settings.

Tabletop grill

A tabletop grill that can be installed on a cold base or cabinet. Food and tableware can be taken out on the spot, improving work efficiency.

Airflow fan grill

When cooking face-to-face, an airflow fan creates a wall of air between the grill and the customer on the counter side, blocking exhaust, exhaust heat, oil smoke, oil splashes, etc. to the customer's seat. It is designed so that customers can enjoy their meal comfortably.

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